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What’s in a name: Zambezi Voyager


When we took over ownership of the Nguni Voyager in March 2012, thought was given to changing the name of the boat. However, there was so much on our ‘to do’ lists when we started out that it soon got overtaken by more important operational issues. Additionally, as a lifelong sailor, I was aware of the superstition that renaming of a boat could mean bad luck.

To try and answer the many queries that we have received about why we have decided to change the boat’s name now, here follows our reasoning…

Firstly, the boat was originally known as the Nguni Zambezi Voyager, and over time it became shortened to theNguni Voyager, or known simply as ‘the Nguni’. What we are doing is dropping the ‘Nguni’ from the name, as we feel that it does not have relevance to the boat or the area that it operates in. The Nguni cattle has a spiritual relevance to the Zulu people of South Africa, which is not shared by the Subiya people who live in the Zambezi, Chobe region. The boat operates in one of the top wildlife destinations in Africa, and we as the owners felt that the name of a domesticated animal was out of place in that context.

The Zambezi River is one of the iconic African rivers, with a long history of exploration, adventure and romance associated with it, and these are the experiences that we hope our passengers will leave with after their passge on the Zambezi Voyager.

So, with a name more relevant to what the Zambezi Voyager offers and its area of operation, we are confident that the cow will pass into history, and the ‘Voyager’ will cruise into the future offering our passengers the same unique African adventure.

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